Primacy Fee

With the passage of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act in 1974, Congress recognized the need for state governments to maintain control of their longstanding drinking water programs. Congress realized that states are in a better position than federal agencies to implement statewide programs and resolve local problems. However, federal funding in support of these programs has not kept pace with the cost of administering the states’ drinking water programs.

To address this issue, House Bill 1393, authorizing that State primacy fees be collected from each water utility customer in the State of Missouri, was brought before the Missouri Legislature. It was passed by the House and Senate, and on July 9, 1992, the bill was signed into law by Governor Ashcroft. Effective August 28, 1992, all customers having water meters will be assessed an annual fee each year. This annual fee will be collected each March, and will appear on your bill as a separate line item titled “Primacy Fee.” Customers will be charged, depending on the size of their water meter.

House Bill 1149 was signed into law increasing the drinking water primacy fee and extending the fee through September 1, 2012. This fee increase became effective September 1, 2006. As a community public water supply system, RMU is obligated to collect this fee. The table below identifies the new rates.

These fees will be turned over to the Department of Revenue, and used by the state to fund Missouri’s Public Drinking Water Program.

Missouri Primacy Fee Rate Structure Table

Residential/Business Customers - Size of metered connections

Fees Effective

September 1, 2006

          Meters less than or equal to 1″ (7,001 – 10,000 connections)


          Meters greater than 1″ but less than or equal to 2″


          Meters greater than 2″ but less than or equal to 4″


          Meters greater than 4″