Rolla Board of Public Works

Administration of Rolla Municipal Utilities is under the direction of the Rolla Board of Public Works. These Board members are working for you, our customer-owner.

The Rolla Board of Public Works consists of four (4) members. No more than two (2) can be of the same political party and all must reside within the City of Rolla. All members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Rolla City Council.

Board members are appointed to a four (4) year term. One appointment expires each year so that all four board members’ terms do not expire at the same time.

The Rolla Board of Public Works meets once each month. These meetings are open to the public. Time and location of each meeting is announced prior to the actual meeting date.

Please feel free to call 573.364.1572 for more information about the meetings or to obtain an agenda of the next meeting.

Currently our Board members are as follows:

Nicholas E. Barrack                           President
            Albert Crump, Jr.                          Vice President
Matthew Z. Williams                         Secretary
    W. Eric Showalter, Ph.D                        Vice Secretary