Priority Service Listing

Priority Service Listing

Many individuals have medical conditions that require special consideration during power failures due to some form of life sustaining equipment.

Although RMU works as quickly as possible to restore service, not all power failures can be restored as quickly as others. That is why it is important for those dependent on life support systems to have an alternate plan or a backup power source.

If you are dependent upon life sustaining equipment you can inform RMU by providing a medical letter from your physician.

With this information, RMU will attempt to contact this customer, whenever possible, of a planned or scheduled outage. This allows that customer to implement their backup sources.

Keep in mind this program does not guarantee uninterrupted service. Also, understand the customer remains responsible for their bill and does not receive special rights to preferential services including, restoration during unscheduled outages.

RMU crews work hard to restore all power failures as quickly as possible to prevent any inconvenience to all our customers.

For more information about the program, please call the business office at 573.364.1572.