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City Services – Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t Rolla Municipal Utilities and the City of Rolla one and the same?

Rolla Municipal Utilities and the City of Rolla are two separate agencies. RMU is a business, owned by the City of Rolla, which operates as a proprietary enterprise.

Rolla Municipal Utilities is responsible for electric and water facilities and services within the City of Rolla, Missouri, including street lighting. RMU operates as an independent fiscal unit of the City under the direction of the Rolla Board of Public Works and is supported by the rate payers we serve. RMU does not receive any funding from the City of Rolla.

The City of Rolla has several departments, (ex. Public Works Department and Community Development) that have separate responsibilities from RMU which include code enforcement, streets, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, sanitation, fire and police protection, parks and other public facilities throughout the City. Although RMU provides the billing functions for Sanitary Sewer and Sanitation services as a courtesy to the citzens of Rolla, the City of Rolla provides and is responsible for sewer and sanitation services.

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