Electric Service

Everyday you turn it on and turn it off. You expect it to work, and thanks to Rolla Municipal Utilities, it does! We are proud to offer dependable and reliable electric service to every household and business in our community at the lowest possible cost. We’re committed to the neighborhoods that we serve and work hard to maintain your satisfaction through stable and reliable service.

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RMU purchases its electrical power for retail distribution from the Missouri Public Energy Pool (MoPEP) in Columbia, Missouri. In addition, RMU has 34 megawatts of distributed diesel fired generation located throughout the City of Rolla. RMU purchases network transmission and local distribution facilities service from AmerenUE.

Our electric operations personnel are committed to providing all of our customers with excellent service. Our team of linemen, servicemen, tree trimmers, locators, and meter technicians are skilled, dedicated and motivated. We are ready to serve you, both day and night, good weather or bad.

The operation of a power system is a twenty-four hour, seven days a week job. We strive to keep the number of power outages and their duration to a minimum, often in the worst conditions. Should your outage last longer than hoped for, rest assured that Rolla Municipal Utilities is hard at work to restore your power.

RMU is a member of the American Public Power Association. This membership provides easy access to ever changing laws and regulations.

RMU’s electric system consists of: