Billing Information

RMU will endeavor to deliver to our customers, by mail, email, messenger,or other means a monthly statement of the amount due RMU. Failure to receive any statement from RMU will not entitle the Customer to delay the settlement of each month’s account beyond the date when the bill is due and payable. Unless otherwise specified, all bills will be due and payable at the office of RMU. Statements will be transmitted monthly.

When, during any one month period, a meter fails to correctly register the amount of water or electricity consumed, the amount of the bill will be estimated based on previous usage. Utility bills rendered which are based on incorrect registrations due to improper meter connections, the application of an improper meter constant or similar reasons, shall be subject to adjustment for the last twelve (12) month period during which an error existed.

Budget Billing

For qualifying Residential and Commercial class customers, RMU makes a Budget Billing plan available. In order to qualify for this program, the Customer must:

RMU will average twelve months of actual billing for qualifying Customer’s current location. This average amount, along with actual consumption, will appear on the Customer’s bill each month until November of each year, regardless of what month the Customer began the program. The Budget Billing year runs from November 1 through October 31, however qualifying Customers may sign-up anytime during the year. During the settle-up month of November, overpayments will be refunded by check or shortages will be applied to next year’s budgeted balance. Should RMU implement rate increases during the Budget Billing year, bills will be recalculated when new rates become effective. When a Budget Billing Customer decides not to participate or terminate service, settle-up is calculated during their next normal billing cycle or on their final billing. If a Budget Billing Customer moves to a new location, Budget Billing will not be offered at the new location until the twelve month requirement is satisfied. When termination takes place at the old location, RMU automatically terminates Budget Billing as well.

Billing During a Prolonged Absence

Customers planning on a prolonged absence are asked to make arrangements as applicable:

Past Due Accounts

Accounts not paid on, or before, the thirty-fourth day if Residential; twenty-fourth day if Non-residential after the billing date, will be subject to termination. In case service is discontinued for:

Service will only be reconnected after satisfactory agreement with RMU for the payment of all monies due, including charges for disconnecting and reconnecting service.

Any Customer whose payment is returned to RMU by a bank or credit card institution for any reason, shall pay a Return Check fee. This fee, in addition to the payment, shall be due immediately upon notice, written or verbal, by RMU. Receipt of a returned payment may constitute nonpayment of a utility bill.

A second notice, sometimes referred to as a late notice, will only be provided electronically. The customer must elect or subscribe to this service.

Failure to Pay your Utility Bill

Utility bills can vary from month to month based on how much water and electricity you use. Different factors can cause increases in your monthly bill including seasonal changes, heating and cooling of your home, watering the lawn, or filling swimming pools. We understand that sometimes you may not have expected or have been prepared for increases in your bill.  Everyone that is connected to RMU services has the responsibility to pay for the water and electric they use.

Your utility bill is due every month and RMU provides many locations for you to make payments. If you anticipate being unable to pay your bill please notify us and we will work with you. Ignoring a bill you are unable to pay will not make it go away, but eventually it will mean the loss of your services. Payments not received by the disconnect date are subject to disconnection immediately.

Unpaid utility bills adversely affect the rates for all customers. The payments that are not collected are eventually paid by everyone connected to RMU services. When you pay your bill on time it helps keep the costs low for everyone.

RMU does not enjoy disconnecting utility services for anyone and we will try to work with you if you contact us to discuss any problems with paying your bill. RMU provides water and electric as a service, but if payment has not been received we cannot continue to provide our services. If you are truly unable to pay your utility bill there are organizations in the area that may be able to help. Below we have listed the organizations and a number to contact them. It is up to the individual organization whether they can provide assistance.

Organizations that may offer assistance:

Division of Family Services – 573-368-2340
MOCA (Rolla) – 573-364-8696
GRACE – 573-368-5577
Salvation Army – 573-341-3135