Rolla Municipal Utilities is a municipally owned electric and water utility serving the City of Rolla, Missouri. The City of Rolla purchased the electric and water systems within the corporate limits of Rolla from the Missouri General Utilities Company on October 31, 1945. The Rolla Board of Public Works took control of the system at that time, and became responsible for all assets and liabilities. In addition to the purchase of the electric system from Missouri General Utilities Company, RMU also assumed responsibility for operation and maintenance of all water mains within the City of Rolla.

If you would like to know more about the historical background of RMU you may be interested in the writings of J.B. Bronson.


The History of Electric and Water Systems
of Rolla, Missouri 1880 – 1975

By: J. B. Bronson


Missouri General Utilities Office 1930′s
Rolla’s First Electric Plant – Built 1880
Missouri General Utilities 1930′s
Rolla Municipal Utilities Service Truck 1955
 Well #1 - 7th and Walnut - 1929
Well #1 – 7th and Walnut – 1929
Well #1 – 7th and Walnut – 1930′s
Substation – 8th and Railroad 1963